Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa – Las Vegas

The Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Las Vegas are a luxurious accommodation and entertainment facility, offering excellent service and facilities to its guests. With a reputation of being a world-class spa hotel, the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa offer an outstanding experience to its guests.

A luxury accommodation, the Red Rock has been providing the best of facilities to its visitors since the establishment of its operation in the year nineteen eighty-five. It was designed with the most modern facilities in mind, including state of the art spa therapy systems, heated indoor pools, private Jacuzzis and saunas, as well as a luxurious lobby. The Red Rock is also known for its high quality food. Guests can savour freshly prepared Thai and Mexican cuisine, which is served at an elegant dining experience.

The Red Rock Resort & Spa is also known for its high standard of cleanliness. It is a one hundred percent non-smoking facility, with a full bar serving the finest cocktails and wines. This facility is a very popular with discerning tourists, who seek a more relaxed experience. The staff also offers a range of services designed to help guests relax and unwind, including complimentary breakfast on the day of arrival.

On top of being an award winning establishment, the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Las Vegas also boasts of the most spectacular view in all of the Nevada region. At the end of the Red Rock Casino Resort, guests are treated to a scenic view of the majestic Rocky Mountains. This magnificent backdrop is created with two million square feet of casino floor space, and the Red Rock Resort & Spa have an impressive casino floor plan with five hundred and fifty-four slot machines and thirteen tables. The casino floor has over fourteen hundred guest gaming tables and a grandstand that seat more than twenty thousand guests. The Red Rock is designed with an experienced casino design team, and every aspect of the casino floor has been meticulously planned to give guests an unparalleled gaming experience.

There are a number of activities available at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Las Vegas, including a casino poker room, and the venue hosts a variety of live music performances. The hotel offers an exceptional dining experience with the most innovative menus, with the choice of casual comfort food or gourmet cuisine. A variety of buffet dining options are available, including casual sit-down meals and full-service restaurants, as well as fine dining options, including fine wine and specialty cocktails.

The Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Las Vegas are also famous for its award-winning spa treatment, and massage treatments. This is one of the premier locations in Las Vegas, with an award-winning system of seven state of the art therapeutic massage systems. designed to provide the highest quality massage therapies. The treatment is provided by experienced, licensed and professional massage therapists, who are supervised by the health and wellness department.