Hotels Near Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee

Hotels near Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee is a great place to stay if you are visiting the area. This casino has four resorts and is considered to be one of the best places in the world to play blackjack. You can find a variety of rooms and amenities while staying at a hotel close to Potawatomi.

hotels near potawatomi casino milwaukee

First on the list is the Zum Slimline Potawatomi Resort, Milwaukee. The room offers two queen suites and one king suite. It also has a full service restaurant and pool bar. Other features include an On-site ATM machine, wireless internet access, conference facilities, direct dialing cellular phones, safekeeping as well as babysitting services. The resort offers a full package that includes:

Another excellent choice for hotels near Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee is the Waring Procter Lodge. The accommodations are similar to those offered at other resorts. There are nine bedroom houses in all inclusive packages and include a single bath and two fireplaces. The Waring Procter Lodge is ideal for families or groups planning a trip to the area. Other amenities include wireless internet access, direct dialing cellular phones, babysitting services, safekeeping as well as a full package that includes:

If you are traveling with more than two people, the Hilton Milwaukee City Center is an excellent choice for hotels near Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee. It has the standard amenities such as cable, Internet, safe keeping as well as a full package that include: babysitting, housekeeping, air conditioning, room service, car rental, continental breakfast, daily continental breakfast, and daily snack. This hotel is centrally located near several attractions, shopping malls and the Milwaukee RiverWalk. Another good option for hotels near Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee Wisconsin is the Holiday Inn Express.

In addition to the hotels mentioned above, the websites of some additional casino hotels in Milwaukee are also very useful when it comes to choosing a place to stay. These websites offer full listings of various rooms and their descriptions along with a map of the hotel’s location. These websites allow travelers to search based on budget and proximity to attractions such as the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee Botanical Gardens. In addition, they have listings of various Potawatomi casino game tables along with their associated fees.

In addition to these sites, many travel websites provide reviews and recommendations of various hotels near potawatomi casino in Milwaukee Wisconsin. These include detailed information about the location, what kind of services are offered there, what is included in the price, and what kind of entertainment is provided. These sites are useful for anyone looking to plan a vacation or a business trip to a resort destination. By reading reviews and comparing various hotels in Milwaukee, one can save a considerable amount of money.