Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is home to many historic sites, landmarks and hotspots of attraction. One of the most popular Wisconsin destinations is the Potawatomi Casino. This casino is located in downtown Milwaukee. The casino was built in 1960 and is considered to be one of the originals. Here you will find old world charm combined with state-of-the-art amenities.

potawatomi casino milwaukee wisconsin

“Potawatomi Casino and Hotel staff will continue to monitor guest counts and check capacity in your best interest. We need all guests and workers to go through a heat check before entering the facility. No one displaying a heat index over 100.4 is permitted to enter the building. Everyone wearing a mask is required to display that mask at all times. It is advised that guests not to wear masks during play. You can also not bring food or drinks into the casino.

Another precaution that is taken is to thoroughly screen all guest walkways. Some of the most popular routes for visitors include State Street and Wisconsin River. These two public transportation routes should be free of obstacles for all guests. Security personnel closely monitor the parking lot and exits.

All casino equipment is operational. Security personnel are on duty twenty-four hours a day to ensure that nobody attempts to enter the casino without authorization. All ATM machines are fully operational; there is no question as to how people make their purchases. Due to the close proximity of the Potawatomi Casino to the City of Milwaukee it is easy for criminals to break in.

Because this is a state owned facility it is subject to all kinds of inspections. If you are visiting the Potawatomi you will need to obtain a safety pass before entering the property. A safety pass allows you to go through the doors at your own pace. You will have to show proof of valid ID, such as your driver’s license.

The hours of operation are open daily from noon until midnight. Guests may call the casino anytime they need additional help. However, due to the fact that this casino is often full most guests are directed to call an employee on the front desk during business hours. If you have questions about the games or the casino you can always visit their website. There you will find everything you need to know. You may even register for future gaming events.

Potawatomi closed for the summer for the first time in twenty-eight years. They did not give up on the history and heritage but they also wanted to increase their guest count. In an effort to attract new customers the hours were extended from early morning to mid-afternoon. The hours were later extended into the evening hours.

When Potawatomi was first constructed no one had ever heard of the casino. Over the years, as word spread the number of visitors increased dramatically. The addition of extra security measures helped but the increase in guests also had an impact on the cost of operating the Potawatomi. The lack of adequate lighting, poor ventilation, and constant harassing by customers cost the Potawatomi more money than it could handle. As new residents moved in and new guests filled the establishment of the costs just got out of hand. Now the Potawatomi is once again open and operating at its peak performance but this time it has invested back some of its savings into better security measures, more comfortable accommodations, and improved dining services for guests.